My name is Mordechai Kesten, nice to meet you.
Digital Entrepreneur & Internet Personality


Welcome to Mordechai's corner

Mordechai has been working in the writing industry since 2016. As an independent contractor who loves to travel and eat, he is always seeing new things. Between being a writer, musician, digital entrepreneur, social influencer and inspirational speaker - he always finds time to enjoy a nice day at the beach, dive into a good book, and stretch on his pink yoga mat.

Mordechai has a deeply rooted passion for speaking, writing, and acting. He enjoys elevating peoples' spirits and solving problems in non-traditional ways. Mordechai is currently carrying out his plan of action to teach global philosophy to the masses! He is navigating this crazy roller-coaster ride we call life just as you are, and he wishes to help you in doing so. Mordechai's philosophies address topics such as the art of juicing, mindfulness, spiritual psychology, yoga, personal responsibility, faith, positive thought, self discipline, compassion, visualization, creative arts and most importantly self empowerment.