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I clear past life trauma, soul wounding, karmic loops, etc. I also remove unwanted baggage, negative energy, toxic beliefs, unhealthy emotions, and more. I transfer Divine Healing energy into your mind, body, and Spirit as soon as our session starts.

 To give you a better understanding, lets use a simple example: Let's say you're a computer. All your programs run great, you have plenty of space on your hard-drive, and all your software is up to date. Now one day your administrator comes across a malicious website and accidentally downloads a nasty virus. Oh no! Now you're struggling to get on Google, you can barely load a YouTube video, it's troubling to power on and get up and running. 

$55 for 45 minutes 

Ask me for advice on personal, business, relationship matters, etc.

Connect and receive messages with a loved one / family member of yours who has passed on.

$44 for 30 minutes