Mordechai Kesten
Professional Channel

About Mordechai

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Mordechai. I am a Professional Channel based out of South Florida. I operate my business on two fronts, online and in person. I love helping people with my gifts and am very grateful to be able to provide Divine messages from Spirit to my clients. I am simply a conduit, a messenger, a vehicle, instrument, tool, etc, of God. Whatever you need guidance with I am sure to be able to assist you. I connect to the astral planes with the help of my Spirit Guide to bring through accurate, clear, useful, helpful information to my clients. 

Helping establish Unity Consciousness on planet Earth being my mission, I work diligently during sessions to help facilitate the awakening of consciousness within the individual. It is my utmost concern to serve you, providing the most value, so you can grow. 

After working with me you are most definitely going to feel greater levels of clarity, inner peace, joy, understanding, and love. 

And so it is. 

Blessed be!