The Digital Healer
Spiritual Healer, Psychic Channel, Divine Messenger of Light & Love

About Mordechai

Mordechai Kesten, known as 'The Digital Healer' is a spiritual leader healer, psychic channel, and Divine Messenger of Spirit who bases himself out of South Florida. He recently started an online business as a self-employed entrepreneur/independent contractor. Previously Mordechai provided healing services to numerous people in his local community for free. Now he is sharing his gifts publicly.

His gifts include but are not limited to: psychic channeling, medical intuition clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and hands on healing.

Mordechai has always known he had powerful healing abilities and Divine gifts given to him by God. Due to the desperate need of healing in our society, he has been specifically called to impact the lives of many reaching wide and far, and to provide valuable service to much more people.

Part of his Soul Mission is to establish Unity Consciousness on our planet Earth. By offering unique energy healing services and leading seminars around the globe he is quickly becoming a beacon for change, helping establish a deeper love between people on Heaven Earth.

Non-conventional, he has always been an outside of the box thinker from graduating high-school a year early, to racking up thousands of dollars in calculated stock investments, Mordechai has been striving for success from a very young age. He took his first employment position at age 14 with Publix Supermarkets. From then he moved on to Whole Foods Market and remained in the workforce for 5 more years, slowly climbing up the ladder while being involved in Network Marketing companies, and foreign exchange trading.